Our mission, 25 years on

We thought as 2023 is almost upon us and as we reflect upon our almost 25 years of service to our members, it might be a good time to reflect on our Mission Statement pasted below (taken from the BTFA’s Rules of Incorporation).


(i) The Mission Statement:

The Association is established to represent, promote, develop and regulate the professional practice and teaching of Bowen Therapy primarily in Australia and more generally overseas.

(ii) Purposes – the purposes of the Association are:

(a) to establish and maintain a mutually supportive membership network of Bowen Therapists throughout Australia and more generally overseas;

(b) to establish and uphold industry standards and regulatory criteria for the practice and teaching of Bowen Therapy within the Association;

(c) to represent and support the membership at the national level in matters affecting the professional practice, teaching, education, regulation, promotion and development of Bowen Therapy;

(d) to develop, promote and regulate a national CPE system;

(e) to promote public awareness of the benefits and availability of Bowen Therapy; and

(f) to liaise with and support like associations and Bowen Therapy groups to enhance the modality of Bowen Therapy and support the purposes of the BTFA

Thank you to all of our members in the Bowen community past, present and future for joining us on this journey! 

If you’re not a member but are thinking of joining the BTFA, some of the benefits of membership are outlined below.

Benefits of joining the BTFA

Whether you are working as a sole practitioner or as part of a larger practice, we’ll help link you into support networks to enhance your work and service delivery.

We provide you with a range of tools and resources to support your therapy services. Some of the benefits of BTFA membership include:

♦ Access to professional development guidance to maintain annual CPE requirements
♦ Provision of news and therapy advancements to ensure members are up-to-date with sequence and strategy therapy developments, best practices, regulations and changes that may affect them
♦ Events, courses, workshops and resources to keep ongoing connection throughout the year
♦ Promotion of your Bowen therapy practice through our online ‘Find a Bowen Therapist‘ Directory
♦ Subscription to the BTFA’s quarterly newsletter, Bowen News
♦ Advocacy on behalf of our members to advance the professional rights of Bowen therapists
♦ Flexible, low-cost options for Continuing Professional Education
♦ Clinical record keeping advice
♦ Discounts on Professional Indemnity insurance
♦ Validation and advice from a Bowen therapy authority on practices and procedures, and professional recognition under the Health Service Providers Act
♦ Australia-wide support and advice in metro and regional areas
♦ Service delivery protocols
♦ Collaboration with other industry partners on relevant issues that affect our members
♦ Active engagement in the Review of Natural Therapies
♦ Promotion of the efficacy of Bowen therapy through our Research Capacity Building Program partnership with UTS:ARCCIM
♦ Annual BTFA Conference held in a different capital city each year
♦ Specialist advice for students and new graduates, offering guidance and support for starting your own practice, direction on current industry standards and norms, and access to professional development to ensure you obtain and maintain your training requirements.

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