The following questions are frequently asked about Bowen Therapy

If you have any more questions about Bowen Therapy, please contact BTFA.

No, most conditions are essentially resolved in two to three sessions; however chronic conditions may require more extensive programs. Many clients have routine maintenance treatments at different intervals to maintain body balance and musculo -skeletal integrity, avoid costly regression and as an investment in their health.

Yes, Bowen therapy has had many successes with RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Yes this is correct, Bowen may be done through clothing. However you may be asked to remove bulky items such as thick jumpers or thick jeans that restrict a fluid movement being performed. Ideally clothing should be light and loose with only one layer to work through.

Yes, most definitely. Bowen has amazing results for pregnant ladies, assisting with back pain, sacral discomfort and tightness with the diaphragm. But please remember to tell your therapist that you are pregnant when booking your session.

Treatment times can vary according to the presenting condition and client factors determined during the initial assessment. typical treatment times would range from 30 minutes to one hour.

The principal reason for choosing Bowen Therapy is the high rate of success in treating a wide range of presenting conditions. Often this success is achieved where other modalities have failed. In addition being non-invasive and not employing manipulation Bowen therapy is suitable for infants and the elderly. Another feature of Bowen Therapy being a holistic is that conditions other than those for which treatment has been sought are often resolved.

Yes. This is important to ensure that your therapist meets the professional practice standards, code of ethics, continuing education, first aid and professional indemnity insurance required by the BTFA.