Become a Bowen Therapist

Are you interested in becoming a Bowen Therapist?

The Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia offers direction and advice for those interested in joining the industry, and assists  individuals to find suitable training programs.

Professional training criteria for becoming a Bowen Therapist

There are two main career paths for becoming a Bowen Therapist. You can consider a Diploma of  Bowen Therapy or Certificate IV (or equivalent) in Bowen Therapy.

In addition to the initial training course, the industry also requires annual training to maintain your qualifications (continuing professional education) and to stay well-informed of updates in techniques and service delivery models. The BTFA can support you with advice during your studies and can also help you once you graduate, as you establish a practice and maintain your qualifications. Click here to sign up for our free Student Membership.

A career in Bowen Therapy can be very rewarding personally and financially. There are no age and few physical limitations, as the therapy is gentle on the therapist as well as clients.

The majority of therapists operate from home-based practices with minimal overhead costs, while others work within Medical Centres alongside allied health professionals.

The following is a list of Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia preferred training providers delivering training within Australia:

Checklist for choosing a Bowen Therapy Training Institution

Ensure courses awarding a Diploma or Cert IV in Bowen Therapy are being delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). You can check for an RTO and registered courses on the National Training Information Service website

Courses and workshops in Bowen Therapy are also delivered by schools and trainers specialising in this modality, which are recognised by the BTFA are listed below.

Where non-Bowen subjects required for a qualification (common competencies) are being studied separately ensure they are being delivered by a RTO and are part of the Health Training package.

Ensure that your Bowen Qualification training institution can provide you with a ‘Statement of Attainment'.

Fascial Kinetics

Academy of Integrated Therapies (AOIT)

Bowen Training Australia

Emmett Therapies

♦ ISBT International School of Bowen Therapy

Neurostructural Integration Technique

Applied Myoskeletal Seminars

Heart of Bowen Therapy

Hormone Dynamics

Hormone Release the Bowen Way

Metaphysics of Bowen Therapy

Text Book Bowen Seminar

Understanding Bowen Dynamics