The Bowen Therapy Treatment Process

Before you use Bowen Therapy as a treatment option, we encourage you to use the following checklist as a guide for obtaining the best treatment possible.

All BTFA members adhere to this proven clinical process, as we only work with suitably qualified and trained Bowen therapists. BTFA therapists follow strict clinical recording to ensure the highest level of care.

Your First Bowen Therapy Treatment

Initial Consultation

This first step is an interview, to allow your Bowen therapist to have a full understanding of your medical history, current issues and daily activities that can impact your health.


Following the initial consult discussion, your Bowen therapist will be able to provide you with an assessment of your presenting condition.

During the Bowen Therapy Treatment

Bowen Therapy is performed through clothing without the use of oils.

Your Bowen therapist will commence Bowen Therapy techniques specific to the region of concern. This involves a series of specific gentle rolling moves across the fascia / soft tissue associated with your muscle groups, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

During your session, your therapist will pause to allow effective fascial release and the adequate hydration of cells and tissues. This is part of the muscular healing process.

Post-Bowen Therapy Treatment

Your Bowen therapist will advise you to increase your water intake to support the treatment administered to your muscles.

You will be advised on any anticipated changes to expect that will indicate the success of the treatment, and you will be given post-treatment exercises if appropriate.

Subsequent Bowen Therapy Treatments

Subsequent treatments will include a review of progress, possible reassessment and further advanced or refined procedures to deliver relief and resolution to your medical issue.

Watch a short video demonstrating the Bowen move using ultrasound: