Bowen Therapy Training

Professional standards

The BTFA has set standards of training to both Practitioner and Therapist levels, bringing increased professional recognition to our Bowen Therapists.

Our current level of Therapist membership incorporates the following as minimum requirements:

A nationally-recognised Diploma of Bowen Therapy
500 clinical hours of practice
At least 20 hours of continuing professional education annually
An acceptable workplace environment
A current Senior First Aid certificate
Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance

The Diploma and the Advanced Diploma of Bowen Therapy are nationally registered and recognised in all states and territories.

The following is a list of BTFA listed training providers:

Bowen Training Australia

(Cert IV & Diploma in Bowen Therapy, courses run nationally)
ph 07 3284 3349 or 1300 833 252

Academy of Integrated Therapies (AOIT)

Contact: Neil Skilbeck
ph: 07 3172 2669

Emmett Therapies

Contact:  Ross Emmett
ph (07) 4771 6234

Fascial Kinetics
Australia contact: Tanya Pfitzner (WA)
Ph 0427 295 428

New Zealand contact:  SarahMacdonald
ph +64 212 434 344 (NZ)

ISBT International School of Bowen Therapy

Contact: Lisa Black
ph (03) 9509 0342

Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST)

Contact: Dr. Michael Nixon-Livy

Smart Bowen

(Human & Equine)
Contact: Brian Smart
Lea Smart: ph. 0417 174 237
Brian Smart: ph. 0408 813 495

The Art of Bodywork
Contact: Alastair McLoughlin

Applied Myoskeletal Seminars

Contact: John Garfield

Dynamic & Insightful Bowen – Fascia, Digestive Valves & Spinal Releases

Contact: Christine Ammann

Heart of Bowen and Touch Therapies
Contact: Deborah Hart
Tel. 0411 666 250

Hormone Dynamics
Contact: Ann D’Arcy

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release
Contact: Gail Tumes (Approved Instructor)
Tel. 0417 005 510

Contact: Debby Benson

Text Book Bowen Seminar
Contact: Graham Pennington
ph 03 5561 2442 (business hours)

Understanding Bowen Dynamics
Contact: Roy Brown