Cyber Insurance arranged by Aon

Cyber Insurance can be an important policy to consider for any business with a digital footprint, as it may help protect your business from the costs associated with cyber events. An important aspect of cover that is typically available with … Read more

Understanding Normal Shoulder ROM

Shoulder range of motion (ROM) – some online resources Below are links to two articles on the validity and reliability of smartphone apps to measure ROM: Validity and reliability of a smartphone application for self-measurement of active shoulder range of … Read more

New webinar with Jenny Petridis in 2023!

“MOVING WITH EASE WITH BOWEN” Sunday 15/01/2023 – a new webinar with Jenny Petridis in the new year! 1pm (GMT) – London, UK 8am (EST) – New York, US 12pm (AEST) – Sydney, Australia A science-based approach to understand why/how … Read more

Our mission, 25 years on

We thought as 2023 is almost upon us and as we reflect upon our almost 25 years of service to our members, it might be a good time to reflect on our Mission Statement pasted below (taken from the BTFA’s … Read more

The BTFA is turning 25!

25th Anniversary of the BTFA 1997-2023 We are proud to announce that in 2023 the BTFA will celebrate its 25th Anniversary, as 1997 was the year that we became an incorporated association. We have compiled a bit of the BTFA’s … Read more

BTFA research activity – an update

A note from the BTFA’s President, Alison Gilroy There was some discussion / speculation in various online forums that our research activity is not going ahead. This is NOT the case. Our collaboration with UTS:ARCCIM and Professor Jon Adams is … Read more