COVID-19 advice to BTFA members

All Bowen therapists must be aware of the potential health implications of the extremely serious coronavirus (COVID-19) currently spreading worldwide, including Australia.

Think about how the virus could affect your clinic and take necessary precautions as advised by the Australian Government Department of Health. Focus on the best way to protect your own health and how to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to others. The Australian Government Department of Health has provided specific information for those working in the health care sector.

The BTFA recommends therapists ensure they are familiar with, and up to date on, best practice standards around hygiene and infection control. We recommend you review the recommendations from the Australian Government on a regular basis. You can also refer to the BTFA’s Information Sheet for BTFA Members issued on 16th March 2020 which contains information on hygiene protocols.

It is very important that you ensure full clinical record keeping, including informed consent and contraindications for insurance purposes.

Can I reopen my Bowen therapy practice?

As of Monday 25th May 2020, Bowen therapists working in all states and territories, except some restricted areas in Victoria can reopen their clinics if they wish to do so. ** Please check the updates provided below for the latest advice **

All reopening businesses should create a COVID Safe Plan as recommended by government authorities to keep your workplace healthy, safe and virus-free. Please see links below for the state-specific COVID Safe Plans:

South Australia COVID Safe Plan
Queensland COVID Safe Plan
Western Australia COVID Safe Plan
New South Wales COVID Safe Plan
Northern Territory COVID Safe Plan
Tasmania COVID Safe Plan
Victoria COVID Safe Plan
Australian Capital Territory COVID Safe Plan

1. Only Bowen therapists who work out of clinics which do not operate within a restricted business location (e.g. a wellness centre or beauty parlour – check the current restrictions in your state) can return to practice.
2. Check that your first aid certificate is current. If it is due for renewal and you are not able to attend face-to-face training, please check with your insurer to make sure that you are covered. The BTFA can provide a statement if required giving exemption until a first aid training can be completed.

Business restrictions by state 

For restrictions on businesses permitted to operate during COVID19, please visit your relevant state or territory’s Department of Health website:

New South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia
Northern Territory
Australian Capital Territory

Insurance and COVID-19
Read the statement dated 9th April from BTFA’s insurance partner Aon Australia regarding run-off cover and members ceasing their professional services. This applies to Bowen therapists who are insured through the Aon Health Combined Professional Indemnity, Public & Products Liability Scheme.

Aon has also released two COVID-19 statements relating to policy response and remote working, as well as a free webinar‘An enterprise approach for protecting people and operations’ (2 CPE points).

CPE training opportunities during COVID19

BTFA-APPROVED WEBINARS: Check out the BTFA’s list of recommended webinars HERE.
(2 CPE points per hour apply for webinars during the COVID19 period, unless otherwise stated).

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you obtain a certificate of attendance for webinars where possible, in order to obtain CPE points. All members must keep these on file in case of audit.



This information page will be updated regularly as per the advice received from government authorities.

Update Friday 20th November 2020

The South Australian government has announced its hard lockdown will end earlier thank anticipated, on Saturday 21st November 2020. As of 12pm Friday 20th November, exercise outside of your home with members of your household is permitted.
➡️ Masks are not mandatory but are encouraged.
➡️ Schools will re-open on Monday 23 November 2020.
➡️ SA will continue to review all Directions with the aim to open the borders to VIC on 1st December as originally planned and further open our state by reducing restrictions.
As of 12:01am on Sunday 22nd November (Midnight Saturday) we will revert back to similar restrictions that were in place on Monday 16th November. This includes:
➡️ 1 person per 4 square metres will apply.
➡️ No dancing or vertical consumption.
➡️ Updated gathering provision numbers being:
▪️Onsite purchase and consumption of food and beverages – 100 people maximum and no more than 10 people at each table.
▪️Funerals- 50 people maximum
▪️Weddings- 150 people maximum and registration of all guests with SA Health
▪️Religious ceremonies (not including a wedding or funeral)- 100 people maximum
▪️Private gatherings- 50 people maximum
▪️Private residence- 10 people per house (unless more than 10 people permanently reside at the residence)
➡️ All food and beverages will need to be consumed while seated.
➡️ Personal care workers will need to wear masks.
➡️ Gyms are permitted to reopen.
Please stay connected to the SA Health COVID19 website for further information and updates.

Update Wednesday 18th November 2020

South Australia:
SA Health has mandated that South Australia enter a short 6 day lockdown as of midnight tonight, Wednesday 18th November, as a result of active COVID19 cases in SA. A summary of the businesses affected can be found here.

For the most up to date information including business restrictions, please monitor the SA Health COVID19 website at

All non-essential businesses will be required to remain closed for this period. If you need to go out it is highly recommended you wear a mask.

Update Wednesday 27th October 2020

As per the Victorian Premier’s announcement on Monday 26th October, from 11.59pm Tuesday 27th October 2020 metropolitan Melbourne will move from Second Step restrictions (‘stay home’) to Third Step restrictions (‘stay safe’), with no more restrictions on the reasons to leave home. The 25-kilometre limit will remain in place for now.

Bowen therapists may resume working in Metropolitan Melbourne, with some restrictions. You should work from home wherever possible, wear a mask for the duration of the treatment and keep a supply of masks, PPE and hand sanitiser in your clinic. Please also ensure that your COVID Safe Plan is up to date.

The DHHS website states: This includes operating mobile businesses and at home businesses, if they are registered, have separate entrances, and COVIDSafe practices.

Further information

For more information on the easing of restrictions for Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria, please refer to the DHHS website.

Industry restriction levels
Metropolitan Melbourne
Regional Victoria

Industry Restart Guidelines
Hair, beauty & personal care services

Update Monday 26th October 2020

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has today announced the lifting of restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne, effective from midnight on Tuesday 27th October. We are currently seeking confirmation in writing from Victorian government authorities that Bowen therapists can reopen their clinics, and will update this page accordingly.

As this information has only just been released, please be patient as we are still gathering the most updated information on what this means for our members.

To prepare for reopening, please ensure your COVID-Safe plan is up to date and that you are prepared with the appropriate PPE.

Update Monday 19th October 2020

The Victorian Premier yesterday announced there would be some easing of restrictions for Victoria.

We are seeking confirmation in writing from the office of the Chief Health Officer on when Bowen therapists working in metropolitan Melbourne can resume practicing, however based on information provided on the DHHS website it can be assumed that Bowen therapists in metro Melbourne cannot currently work.

This is likely to change from 1st November (or possibly earlier) based on the VIC Premier’s statement of 18th October 2020:

“We need to wait just a bit longer – until 11:59pm on 1 November – to take the rest of the Third Step that will see retail, hospitality and personal care services open again. This is a timeline that is based on the current advice of our public health team. But if we continue to track well on the most important indicators – case averages, mystery cases, test numbers and the number of days people wait before they get tested – we may be in a position to move sooner.” (VIC Premier Dan Andrews)

Bowen therapy is not AHPRA-registered and does not fall under ‘allied health’.

Further information

We recommend that you keep up to date with the information provided on the Department of Health and Human Services coronavirus website. To contact the office of the Chief Health Officer, you can send an email to

Download the common industry restriction levels for Metropolitan Melbourne:
Industry restriction levels — Common requirements across all workplaces