COVID-19 advice to BTFA members

All Bowen therapists must be aware of the potential health implications of the extremely serious coronavirus (COVID-19) currently spreading worldwide, including Australia.

Think about how the virus could affect your clinic and take necessary precautions as advised by the Australian Government Department of Health. Focus on the best way to protect your own health and how to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to others. The Australian Government Department of Health has provided specific information for those working in the health care sector.

The BTFA recommends therapists ensure they are familiar with, and up to date on, best practice standards around hygiene and infection control. We recommend you review the recommendations from the Australian Government on a regular basis. You can also refer to the BTFA’s Information Sheet for BTFA Members issued on 16th March 2020 which contains information on hygiene protocols.

Can I open my Bowen therapy clinic during a lockdown?

Bowen therapy is not AHPRA-registered and not classed as ‘allied health’ – therefore is not considered to be an essential service. For information on whether or not you are permitted to open your Bowen therapy business during a lockdown, we recommend you refer to the COVID19 advice issued in your state in the first instance.

It is very important that you ensure full clinical record keeping, including informed consent and contraindications for insurance purposes.