BTFA research activity – an update

A note from the BTFA’s President, Alison Gilroy

There was some discussion / speculation in various online forums that our research activity is not going ahead. This is NOT the case.

Our collaboration with UTS:ARCCIM and Professor Jon Adams is still continuing and has a lot more research to come and be written. It is anticipated that there will be several more papers coming, with two already in the pipeline, one with a journal waiting for review to be published, and the other in the very preliminary stages of being written.

The PRACI database questionnaire has just recently been closed, and all that information needs to be analysed and processed. We are expecting that several papers will be able to be written from that extensive data set.

We at the BTFA Board are very passionate about doing research to validate our fabulous modality, and try to gain the recognition it really deserves. We are definitely pursuing all avenues we can think of to do this.

I hope this clarifies things, for those of you who were wondering what was going on.

Alison Gilroy
BTFA President

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