Case Study 7

Rheumatoid arthritis


  • Female
  • Had tried anti-inflammatory medication, chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage but achieved little relief, and has been living with long term pain
  • Aged 50
  • Lives in WA


  • Has lived with rheumatoid arthritis for 20 years – starting in the patient’s hands, and slowly spreading through her body.
  • Has needed to take steroids and other medication which leave the patient feeling stiff and sore all over her body.
  • Has had multiple operations to help to support and relieve the pain in her toes, feet, knees and wrists, with little success.
  • Blotchy and dull skin


  • The patient received gentle basic relaxation techniques, as her entire body was sore
  • After three treatments, a week apart, the patient indicated that much of the pain was gone
  • Outcomes:
  • Following 12 treatments, the patient has been able to reduce her medication intake by 75%. Her rheumatoid arthritis factor was at 1000, and now it is down to around 400
  • The patient has more mobility, does not ache, and does not experience as much fatigue as she previously had.
  • The patient has also reported feeling healthier and seeing an improvement in her skin.