Case Study 6

Sinus and migraine relief


  • Female
  • Aged in her early 30s
  • Lives in Midland, WA


  • The patient had been suffering from migraine headaches since the age of 12 (for 20 years)
  • The pain from the migraines had increase in severity over time
  • The migraines presented 7 days before her menstrual cycle


  • Basic Bowen therapy techniques were administered at the patient’s first appointment
  • Hydration and sleep were recommended to support each consequent therapy session


  • Following the first treatment, the patient indicated that she was able to sleep better at night, and breathe more comfortably
  • After the two treatments, no migraine headaches were experienced prior to her menstrual cycles
  • Although relapse into migraines did occur again, the patient sought another therapy session to relieve the pain, and found relief
  • The patient has indicated that her migraines have decreased dramatically, and she is now able to avoid the Morphine and Pethidine medications she once required to alleviate the pain