Case Studies


Case Study 04

Frozen Shoulder


  • Female
  • Sought Bowen Therapy as it had relieved previous unrelated problems
  • 61 years old
  • Office employee, who engages in an active daily regime of physical stretching and exercise


  • Patient could not lift her left arm above her shoulder height, in any direction without significant pain, due to two falls where the patient had cushioned the descent with outstretched arms
  • The patient had been diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder Syndrome, and had seen medical professionals and a physiotherapist, but had not found relief
  • The patient was unable to lift heavy objects, and was having trouble sleeping due to aching in the shoulder


  • The patient engaged with three weekly visits, two fortnightly visits and then monthly visits for six months
  • A body assessment and basic Bowen Therapy treatment was initially administered.
  • The shoulder assessment showed that the muscles in the shoulder joint (subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, and teres minor) were very tight and sore when touched. Gentle Bowen Therapy techniques were applied to the muscle groups in the vicinity of the pain along with key stretches and exercises
  • The patient was also provided with a number of Codman exercises to try on her own at home (Codman circles, raising the arm with 4 separate stretches, Rotator muscle stretches and the Doorway stretch)


  • Although little progress initially, the ongoing treatment resolved the pain.
  • The patient was able to use her arm and shoulder normally with no pain or tightness.
  • The patient chooses to arrange monthly Bowen Therapy sessions to maintain her flexibility and feeling of general well-being.
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