South Australia

Di Hunter is the co-ordinator for CPE training days in South Australia.
m: 0438 890 169  e: 

CPE Training

As a new year begins the BTFA SA CPE Committee extends warm greetings to all members and we hope to see you throughout the year at the CPE training days. This year we will continue striving to make training days as relevant as possible, including offering plenty of Bowen ‘hands-on’ practice opportunities. We love to see as many members as possible attending and we especially encourage new practitioners to join us. Training days are a great for practice, education and networking.

The venue for the SA CPE training days continues to be The Goodwood Institute (166 Goodwood Rd. Goodwood).   Training days are usually held on Sundays (9am to 4pm).  Please save the following dates in your diary as a reminder.

Sunday March 31st 2019
Sunday June 2nd 2019
Sunday August 11th 2019
Sunday October 20th 2019

As usual members will be advised through the BTFA several weeks prior to each date about registration for that CPE training day, together with information about any presentation focus. We look forward to continued support from our SA members for these events!

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