CPE Requirements & Recording

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is an important part of membership requirements of BTFA therapists to regularly add to their knowledge and skills.

Therapists are required to attain a minimum of 20 points of CPE each membership year (1st June to 31st May). This results from at least 20 hours of training. A minimum of 10 CPE points must be from Bowen Therapy related courses or workshops, with any remaining points attained from business related training which will assist the therapist to succeed in their Bowen therapy business.

A list of training courses and workshops which have been approved and the number of associated CPE points may be viewed and downloaded here.

Therapists are required to document the training undertaken and the CPE points received each membership year on this form, and keep the associated certificates of attendance which may be requested for audit checks.

If you find a course which you consider would be beneficial to increasing your knowledge or skills for your Bowen Therapy business, it needs to be approved 6 weeks prior to you undertaking the training by completing an application form.

If you wish to coordinate a CPE day:

  • refer to the Guidelines for conducting a CPE event
  • set out your content (like an agenda) and send it to the National Administrator (btfa-office@bowen.asn.au) who will forwarded it to the CPE subcommittee for approval.

When approval has been received:

  • register the event by completing this form and sending it in to the address shown on the top.
  • advertise the event as described in the Guidelines.

The BTFA head office will inform members of upcoming CPE activities that you can attend for points via email.

If you are have any questions please contact the office on 1300 426 936 or email btfa-office@bowen.asn.au.


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