If you have any more questions about Bowen Therapy, please contact BTFA

Does the therapist travel to the animal ?

Yes the therapist travels to treat the animal in their familiar surroundings.

Will the therapist provide follow up assistance after the treatment

Yes,  a follow-up visit / treatment may be scheduled at the time of treatment or as requested by the owner after monitoring outcomes from this treatment.

The therapist will be available by phone or email to address any concerns which may arise.

Are there any animals that a therapist won’t treat?

Whether or not to treat an animal will depend on ensuring it is safe to do so.
Assistance from the owner / carer or other professionals may be required to ensure a safe environment is achieved.  This is likely in the case of large wild animals.

Does treatment of large animals need substantial force?

No, it may be a surprise that the gentle non-invasive therapy can yield such amazing beneficial outcomes.

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