Natural Therapies Review 2019-20 Update

Update 18th March 2020
The BAA and BTFA have issued a joint letter from both associations addressed to the Health and Finance Ministers. The letter outlines a request for support packages for industry and individuals in therapeutic roles to assist them through the COVID-19 emergency. Read the letter here.

A number of activities have occurred since the last Natural Therapies Review update.

The Natural Therapies Review Expert Advisory Panel (NTREAP) held its third meeting on Thursday 16th January 2020. A summary of the outcomes of this meeting is available here.

On 24th January 2020, the Department of Health advised stakeholders of the opening of the public call for [new] evidence for Tranche 1 natural therapies. Therapies in Tranche 1 include – Naturopathy, Western Herbalism, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and Shiatsu.

The consultation period for these therapies commenced on Monday 27th January 2020 and will close on 21st February 2020.

A third Natural Therapies Stakeholder engagement/update teleconference was held on 31st January 2020. A summary of the meeting discussion is available here.

Draft Research Protocols are currently being developed by the NHMRC and NTREAP for both Tranche 1 and Tranche 2 therapies. These protocols will determine the scope and focus of evidence that can be included for consideration in any submissions and in the wider review.

The Department advises that the public call for [new] evidence for Tranche 2 natural therapies (which includes Bowen therapy) is likely to be advertised in May 2020.

The BTFA and BAA have agreed to collaborate on identifying and preparing a list of new evidence for Bowen therapy for the Tranche 2 public call for submissions, once the Research Protocols are available.