Case Study 1

Shoulders and thigh pain, fatigue, general joint pain and constipation


  • Female
  • From the Tweed region of NSW
  • Seeking more mobility to engage with her grandchildren


  • Shoulders and thigh pain, fatigue and general pain in joints due to autoimmune hepatitis and a fall eight years previously
  • Dealing with restricted mobility and pain in joints
  • Day to day activities impacted
  • Also suffered from long term constipation


Basic Bowen Therapy technique was administered, with recommendation to increase water intake. After 1.5 weeks, patient experienced improved mobility and more positive psychological health.

A more complex Bowen treatment two weeks later, with a psoas muscle and coccyx focus was given with a recommendation to research and try an ayurvedic diet.

On the third visit Anne was still a little stiff but improving and trying a new diet. The treatment included basic Bowen moves plus coccyx, knees, Sacro iliac joint, TMJ and Shoulder elbow and wrist moves. The fourth visit, include the same focus as this third visit.


Following three treatments, patient’s bowels were working well on a daily basis.

Following her fourth treatment, the patient indicated she was pain free, and was able to embark on an overseas holiday.

The patient has indicated an improvement in her quality of life and mobility, due to the reduction and resolving of her pain issues.

The patient continues to use Bowen Therapy as her main form of treatment, and for maintenance.