Your Health, Your Choice campaign

Your Health, Your Choice Campaign

The BTFA supports the YOUR HEALTH YOUR CHOICE campaign, Australia’s largest consumer campaign to protect complementary medicine.

Below is some information from Gerry Dendrinos, Homeopath, Herbalist and representative from the Your Health Your Choice campaign – that is relevant to all members.

Complementary medicine and natural therapies are under threat from regulatory change and bias. Consumer support is vital if we are going to protect future choice in healthcare.

Help to reach the 17 million Australians who use complementary medicine and natural therapies. Practitioners, Associations, Organisations and consumers are invited to be support the Your Health Your Choice campaign now.

We urge all BTFA members to sign the petition and share with your professional and client networks.

Two out of three Australians use complementary medicine. However, your rights as consumers may be stripped by government reports that want natural therapies taken off pharmacy shelves, and made ineligible for insurance rebates.

Controversial reports published by the Department of Health claim that “complementary medicines pose a risk to consumers”.

The Government is moving to restrict health fund rebates for these therapies, claiming that “clear evidence has not been found” to support their clinical effectiveness.

Seventeen natural therapies are under threat, including massage, naturopathy, reflexology, yoga and Pilates to name a few.

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Help us achieve a Senate Inquiry into bias and an investigation into the NHMRC report that’s being used to influence restrictive regulatory change and erode public confidence in complementary medicine and natural therapies.

(For more detailed information on the NHMRC Review, which is linked from the YHYC site click here)